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Social Media Marketing
People Who Need People...
Social Media sounds impressive but really is just people naturally communicating with one another about 
anything on the Internet.

Marketing natural social interaction by people on the web.
  • People leaving comments about anything on the Internet.
  • Speciality websites with open public forums.
  • Facebook, Twitter, You Tube & More...
  • Reviews of products and services by people.
  • Blogging or conversations amongst people on the web.
  • Press releases & articles that people comment about.

Social Media Marketing is human interaction on the web strategically choreographed to promote businesses.
Customer Success Story
Company:    Air Vent Medics
President:    Howard Lupowitz
Reward:      Successful campaign to inform the community how important it was to have their dryer vents and air ducts cleaned. 

​Serge convinced us to get on Facebook, Yelp, AOL, Yahoo & Bing, so that through the help of social media's reviews we could have a healthy presence throughout the Internet.

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