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Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay Per Click, PPC Or Paid Search Is Real Time !
Have you ever been to an auction ?, PPC might remind you of one. You set a budget and then you bid on how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

Here are some strong PPC benefits.
  • Real time strategic advertising.
  • You only pay when somone clicks on your ad.
  • Ability to collect crucial visitor data quickly.
  • Increase highly targeted traffic to your site instantly.
  • Pay less per click through creative ad's & placement.
  • You can control your costs.
  • Target your campaigns geographically & seasonally.

A healthy marketing campaign considers all advertising options available and PPC can prove to be invaluable.
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Customer Success Story
Company: Bowco Laboratories Inc.
Vice President: H. Bowers
Reward:   Increased our PPC click through rate upon reconstructing our site so that people would be motivated to choose our ad's and also respond to numerous, strategic calls to action. 

Organic optimization has changed and we are forced to use pay per click as a means to compete; with that said Serge has found a way to balance organic optimization with a healthy Ad Words budget.