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Reputation Management
Public Perception Of Your Company Is Important
If your business has a negative reputation online it will effect your growth and maybe even diminish your existing client base.

We manage business reputations in several ways:
  • We contact your happy customers and ask them to share their experiences on websites that offer business reviews.
  • We identify your companies strengths and publish articles and press releases promoting what you do best.
  • Sometimes your competition will mount untrue negative public press about your business and we remove it.
  • If we can create enough positive press about your business we can push back all the negative press over time.

Our goal is to convince people in choosing your company over your competition at their time of decision.
Customer Success Story
Company: Anytime Fitness Gym Little Road
President: Scott Schultz
Reward:   I needed a greater presence on line and due to
   franchise constraints I could not accomplish
   this with our parent company. Serge figured out
   a way to successfully provide more exposure
   within the franchise parameters.

It is a pleasure working with EMS and I especially respect Serge's honesty and value added service.
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