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Lead Generation
Being In The Right Place At The Right Time
Potential customers that fill out online contact forms or RFQ's (request for quotes) are 100 times more likely to become clients than someone who's just browsing.

There are many ways to generate leads for your business. 
  • Outside website sources that you might advertise on.
  • Your own website could prompt a lead.
  • Custom created portals or websites that solicit inquiries.
  • Customer referral programs.
  • Positive online consumer reviews.
  • Online Press Releases, Articles & Announcements.
  • Exposure on sites that are highly relevant to your business.

Our marketing packages include pay per lead options in addition to our overall marketing arsenal.
Customer Success Story
Company: Lead Generation Systems Inc.
President: Richard Franklin
Reward:    Enternet Marketing Strategies (EMS) helped us create a successful "International" web presence that became a lead generation paradise for our business. 

Since the launch of our site we have been receiving leads on a regular basis and could not see our business flourish without this Internet strategy. EMS provided us with the guidance and follow through we needed.
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