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Affiliate Marketing
Make Money Off Of Someone Else's Website
If you place an ad on a site that either converts into a sale or generates a lead for you it can be considered as a form of Affiliate Marketing.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Pay Per Click "PPC"
  • Pay Per Sale "PPS"
  • Pay Per Performance "PPP"
  • Pay Per Lead "PPL"
  • Residual Income Affiliate Marketing
  • Combination Affiliate Marketing

All the types of affiliate marketing reward your online partner for helping you acquire new business opportunites.
Customer Success Story
Company:    Bay Decorators Inc.
President:    Kenny G.
Reward:       Tripled sales in just three months by
      partnering with highly relevant affiliates.

Our budget did not allow for pay per click and our time schedule did not afford us the luxury of waiting for an organic marketing campaign to take hold. Enternet Marketing suggested that we partner with strategically hand picked affiliate partners online. The results were amazing and we only had to pay for sales that were sent to us by our affiliates. Third party sources kept track of the traffic and the sales that were generated from the relationships we had forged.
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